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The Madeira Region is to introduce a 100% electric bus to its streets.

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The Madeira Region is to introduce a 100% electric bus to its streets, thanks to the work of the innovative Civitas DESTINATIONS project.


A protocol was signed between the Madeira Regional Government and other regional organisations on 7 December 2017 that will bring the Portuguese made electric CaetanoBus to the roads of the Madeira and Porto Santo. The protocol was signed by Pedro Calado, Vice-President of the Madeira Regional Government, CaetanoBus and other regional entities (AREAM, Horários do Funchal, SAM, Moinho Rent-a-car and Electricity of Madeira).

This innovative bus is designed to meet Madeira’s sustainability needs, while also being environmentally friendly. Being electric, it has no CO2 emissions and can carry up to 88 passengers at a time.


The initiative to introduce the bus to Madeira has been developed under the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS Project and is co-financed by the Horizon2020 Programme.