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CIVITAS DESTINATIONS RESULTS nurture the first regional project meeting of DESTI-SMART in Madeira

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DESTI-SMART is an interregional cooperation project titled “Delivering Efficient Sustainable Tourism with Low-carbon Transport Innovations: Sustainable Mobility, Accessibility and Responsible Travel” (DESTI-SMART) has been launched, starting in September 2018. The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Interreg Europe programme. The project addresses challenges for efficient sustainable tourism and at the same time promotion of low-carbon economy. Public regional/local and transport authorities increasingly face such challenges, particularly at busy destinations with high tourism travel flows.

The DESTI-SMART project is led by the Metropolitan Development Agency of Thessaloniki S.A in Greece with eight other destination partners: Autonomous Region of Sardinia in Italy, Experience Bremerhaven, Tourism, Marketing and Events Company Ltd. in Germany, Horários do FunchalTransportes Públicos S.A., from Madeira in Portugal – the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project coordinator,Hastings Borough Council in the United Kingdom, Mallorca Island Council - Environment Department in Spain, Latvian Greenways Association in Latvia, Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency in Hungary and Pafos Regional Board of Tourism in Cyprus. Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom is the Advisory partner of the project, offering horizontal technical assistance and support to all nine partner destinations.

On 17 January 2019, Horários do Funchal organized the first Local Stakeholders Group meeting in Madeira. The meeting had the active participation of 35 organisations from tourism and transport sector, municipalities and regional fund institution.

To start the discussion about the current problems and possible solutions to develop a better region in terms of tourism and sustainable mobility, Horários do Funchal presented the results of the tourist surveys on the airport and the port in Madeira, developed under CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project. The portrait of tourists’ satisfaction regarding regional mobility, and the modes of transport used by tourists for the main touristic points was important to understand what is the next steps. This meeting was also important to promote the activities under CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, as for example the Green Credit Scheme, the use of electrical vehicles and the awareness campaigns.

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