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Implementation and demonstration report on smart and clean urban freight measures (D5.3)

This document brings together the contributions of the project partners in what were the experiences and results achieved by the demonstration projects developed in CIVITAS DESTINATIONS within Work Package 5 – Smart & clean urban freight logistics at tourist destinations. The partners of the six islands involved designed, developed and created conditions to implement solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics operations in their cities, which have in common the particularity of being touristic island destinations.

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Results of SULP definition (D5.2)

This  D5.2 document consolidates the sustainable urban logistics action plans (SULP) from six sites: Madeira, Limassol, Rethymno, Elba, Malta and Las Palmas, produced to include the identification of measures and priorities, ICT supporting tools, implementation plan and short and medium-term timelines, result indicators, budget plan, and enforcement methods, adopted by each participant site.


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Compilation of Sustainable Logistics Plan (SULP) Baseline (D5.1)

Deliverable D5.1 “Compilation of SULP Baseline” reports the outputs from tasks T5.2.1. “Logistics context analysis”, T5.2.2. “User-needs analysis for logistics demo services”, and T5.4. “Design of services and supporting technologies design for freight logistics pilots”. The Compilation of SULP Baseline also reports the outputs from T5.8. “Data collection for ex-post, process and impact evaluation for freight logistics services”, which includes the identification of impact and process evaluation indicators.


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