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Final Evaluation Report (D9.3)

This Deliverable presents the results of the impact evaluation of the measures implemented in the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project. Due to the synergies between measures and to improve the evaluation process, some of the 81 measures during evaluation were gathered resulting in a total of 76 MERs (measure evaluation report), which are available on the project website:

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Publications and papers in high qualified journals (D9.6)

During the project’s lifetime, important research findings coming from the demonstration of innovative mobility measures and new technologies tested by the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS sites were published and disseminated to the scientific community. This deliverable encloses the complete list of the peer-reviewed papers published in qualified journals, the articles published in conference proceedings and of relevant books/book chapters.

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CIVITAS DESTINATIONS Draft Evaluation Plan (D9.1)

The focus of the evaluation work is the measures implemented in each CIVITAS DESTINATIONS site. Evaluation aims to describe the impact of the implemented measures in impact categories with a qualitative assessment (Process evaluation) and quantitative elements (Impact evaluation) against quantifiable targets set in advance.


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Based on the evaluation work of CIVITAS POINTER and CIVITAS WIKI and a first analysis of recent evaluation approaches defining indicators for urban mobility, the Project Evaluation methodology adopted is the result of an efficient cooperation between CIVITAS Satellite and the Project Evaluation Managers of the new Innovation Actions (ECCENTRIC, DESTINATIONS and PORTIS).


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