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ELB2.2, ELB4.1, ELB4.2, ELB4.3, ELB4.4 - Shared Use Mobility Agency (SUMA) Evaluation Report

The DESTINATIONS measures ELB2.1 ELB4.1, ELB4.2, ELB4.3 and ELB4.4 allowed to set-up the Shared Use Mobility Agency (SUMA) in order to increase the use of collective transport. Through the SUMA web platform and its mobile App, it is possible for people who intend to move from one point to another on the island to find out who offers a ride for the same journey.

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ELB 2.1 - Common Elba SUMP Evaluation Report

The Elba SUMP developed in the DESTINATIONS project sets out the concept, a set of principles and guidelines for possible interventions, and regulations for increasing sustainable mobility and reducing the use of private cars by residents and tourists on the whole island.


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ELB 3.1 Increase safety of pedestrian crossing in Elba - Evaluation Report

Given the large flow of motorised vehicles crossing Portoferraio and Rio, the realisation of safe pedestrian crossings is of considerable importance for the safety of citizens. Numerous interventions have been made in this sense in the two cities.



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ELB 3.2 - Sustainable and bike and pedestrian route design and ELB 3.3 Main taxi station requalification in Portoferraio Evaluation Reports

The impacts of the measures ELB 3.2 and ELB 3.3 have been assessed through a series of interviews with citizens and tourists, carried out both in Portoferraio and Rio in September 2020.



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ELB 4.5 - EV legislation revision and charging infrastructures in Elba - Evaluation Report

In 2019, the company ENEL-X entered into an Agreement with the two DESTINATIONS communities in Elba for the installation of up to 15 electric charging stations in the territory of Portoferraio and 8 in the territory of Rio. Later, other municipalities also did the same.


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ELB 5.1- Island freight logistics for tourist services Evaluation Report

With the support of the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project, the Municipalities of Portoferraio and Rio successfully tested a sustainable supply service, specifically targeted at tourist facilities, such as Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés), whose business thrives thanks to the high number of tourists visiting Elba each year.

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ELB 5.2 - Sustainable ELBA Logistics Plan Evaluation Report

The Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (SULP) was created as part of the DESTINATIONS project and aimed to address important  logistics issues on the island of Elba. The main objective of the plan was the identification of policies, strategies, and solutions/measures for the consolidation and optimised delivery of goods.

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ELB 6.1 - Combined products for tourism and mobility: the accommodation and mobility package Evaluation Report

In addition to improving the island’s overall accessibility and attractiveness, this measure aimed at reducing emissions and traffic congestion by increasing the number of tourists coming to Elba without a car. Another relevant objective was the involvement of hoteliers in the promotion of public transport services, in order to serve as ‘ambassadors’ of the local mobility strategy.

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ELB 7.1 - Improved public transport services for tourists - Evaluation Report

The “Elba Sharing” local initiative within the overall DESTINATIONS project aimed to improve mobility and accessibility on the island by reducing the use of private cars by residents and tourists, and by enhancing collective transport services (conventional and/or shared) and sustainable mobility services.

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ELB7.2 - Integrated payment for mobility and other services on Elba Evaluation Report

In Elba specific measures have been implemented to improve the quality of PT services, in order to provide tourists and residents with services more responsive to their needs. The main policy objective of this measure was lower emissions, traffic congestion, and energy use, while increasing the island’s accessibility and attractiveness.

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ELB7.3 – App for user real time information Evaluation Report

Thanks to the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project, in Elba it was possible to test and equip the shuttles with an AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring) system (CELSO), which was tested during the summer of 2018 and 2019 on the Marebus service.

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